The Monument to Francesco Baracca - Museo Francesco Baracca - Comune di Lugo

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The Monument to Francesco Baracca


In memory of the aviator, the artist Domenico Rambelli erected in 1936 a celebrated monument for the city. The work covers an area of 1040 square metres, rests on a structure of reinforced cement and is entirely coverd in travertine stone. The bronze statue stands on a pedestal which recalls the dates and the places of the pilot's victories; in the background is an enormous wing (27 metres high), on the sides of which are sculpted in bas-relief the hippogryph , a mythological symbol, half lion and half eagle, symbol of the Squadron of which Baracca was Commander in chief, and the Cavallino Rampante  (Prancing horse ) with the motto Ad Maiora.

The Monument is regarded as being one of the outstanding sculptures of the 20th  Century in Italy, set in a square which reminds the metaphysical painting of Giorgio De Chirico.