Documentation Centre - Museo Francesco Baracca - Comune di Lugo

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Documentation Centre


The Documentation Centre of the Francesco Baracca Museum is located inside the Fabrizio Trisi Library , Piazza Trisi 19, which also hosts the museum offices and management.

The centre, established and opened to the public in 2010, was developed from the documents possessed by the museum thanks to donations and acquisitions, as well as a pre-existing fund belonging to the Trisi Library itself.

The founding of a Library-Documentation Centre service answers the need to satisfy the information, study and research requirements expressed by users of the museum (workers, teachers, researchers, students, etc.) as well as by the community in general.
Throughout the course of its activity, from 1926 on, the Baracca Museum has collected an impressive amount of documents (books, magazines, pamphlets, papers, manifestos, photographs), all made available to the public and inserted into the OPAC online catalogue ( ) of the Romagna Library Centre.