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Flying over the battlefields of World War I relating to the program area, overcoming cultural barriers to become acquainted with and value its historic heritage: this underlying theme of ALISTO is performed thanks to a synergy between historical research and the development of software technology for flight simulators. The project recreates historic landscapes through mapping on the digital terrain model (DTM) of Italian and Austro-Hungarian aerial war photos. It allows a bird’s eye-view of both the 1915-1918 landscape and the landscape of today, thus perceiving its historic values and transformations. This instrument can also be used to evaluate the impact of great actions. A uniform, shared perception of the landscape’s historic and cultural values helps us to overcome the concept of boundaries. The results of this research will be publicised through exhibitions, conferences, publications and networking. (Baracca Museum budget: 70,000.00 €; duration: 36 months; location: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna; Slovenia).


The Baracca Museum is  part of the Scientific Committee for the project that decides the historical-scientific contents and events to be planned.