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Francesco Baracca


Francesco Baracca was born in Lugo di Romagna on May 9, 1888, into a wealthy family. His father Enrico was a landowner and a businessman, his mother a countess. After his studies in his hometown and in Florence, he joined the Italian Army officer school in Modena. In 1910, with the rank of Sottotenente (Second Lieutnant) Baracca was assigned to the prestigious Piemonte Reale Cavalry Regiment. In Rome, where the unit had his headquarters, the young officer was appreciated as a rider too. In 1912 he requested the assignment to aviation, the new branch of the Army which stood out during the Italo-Turkish war, and was sent to France, where he learnt to pilot in BĂ©theny, near Reims, and received the pilot license 1037. After his return to Italy, he quickly gained the reputation as a first class pilot and, when Italy declared war to Austria, he went back to France, as he wanted to fly on the new Nieuport fighter...