The "Squadriglia del Grifo" - Museo Francesco Baracca - Comune di Lugo

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The "Squadriglia del Grifo"


The “Squadriglia del Grifo”  is a non-profit cultural association whose goal is collaborating with the Baracca Museum’s cultural activity, while also managing and administering its bookshop.
Its origin was a few history enthusiasts’ desire of donating their experience and their time to the Baracca Museum and the city of Lugo.

In addition to studying events relating to Francesco Baracca, the association intends to promote research on and knowledge of all aspects of the Great War and aviation from its origins to the present day, by means of conferences, meetings, exhibitions, publications.

It also helped establish a Documentation Centre at the “F. Trisi” Public Library in Lugo, composed of several hundred books and history and aeronautic magazines, as well as photographic and multimedia material.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the further enrichment of the Documentation Centre may do so by donating historical and documentary material.