Education - Museo Francesco Baracca - Comune di Lugo

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The Francesco Baracca Museum offers a public service and, as such, the activities it carries out are aimed at spreading the acquired knowledge as much as possible, with special reference to the historic-military, artistic and cultural heritage contained in its collections. The Museum is a repository of a collection that records a historic and technical heritage centred on Baracca and aviation, especially within the context of World War I. The Museum is also a place of education and dissemination of historic, technical and scientific culture for citizens and schools. 

The Museum also aims to be a place that tends to promote active citizenship, intercultural dialogue and Lifelong Learning activities, on the basis of the guidelines drafted by the European Union, especially the 1999 Cologne Council Charter and the 2000 Lisbon Treaty which, by developing the concept of a knowledge-based society, contribute to identifying museums as ideal places for learning and socialization.